How to set up the addresses?

To get started with BlockBee, it's crucial to set up your wallet addresses to receive payments. You can do this by defining your addresses in the API call or through the dashboard.

To simplify the process, the Ethereum, Tron, and Binance Smart Chain addresses you set up will work for all tokens available on the selected network. However, it's important to ensure that your wallet supports any new tokens you plan to receive, or they may not show up.

Refer to the table below to find the wallet addresses you need based on the network you're using. This will make it easier for you to get set up and start receiving payments quickly.

Binance Smart ChainBEP-20

To set up the addresses you will need to go to your Company settings, and select Set Up Addresses.

It's important to select the correct address when making transactions, as lost funds cannot be recovered. Please double-check that you have selected the appropriate address before proceeding with any transactions. If you're still unsure on how to set-up your addresses, you may follow the guide bellow.

1. First you need to go to your company settings.

2. After clicking Edit you will be in your Company settings. Each blocks contains or will contain the addresses respective to each blockchain. In the blockchain you wish to set up your wallet address, click MANAGE ADDRESSES.

3. You will need to fetch your cryptocurrency address your wallet or exchange, and then paste it in the [1] Address 1, and then [2] SAVE. If you wish to add more addresses, you will need to click ADD ANOTHER +, and set the percentages.

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