Multi-Address Minimums

BlockBee supports multi-addresses. This means that we can send your funds up to 10 different addresses. Though the higher the number of addresses, higher the minimum of the transaction.

The minimum is calculated using this formula:

where N is the number of output addresses.

Say you want to use 2 addresses. You do the calcule like this:

This a percentual value that you should add to the minimum transaction that you can find in our Supported Coins page. For example, with Bitcoin should be like this:

If the percentage that you want to send to is too small, say like 1%, in some currencies it may fail in some cryptocurrencies due to the dust threshold (it's the minimum possible to transact in those blockchains). These are BTC and BCH of 546 satoshi (BTC & BCH), and 5460 litoshi (LTC).

Please be aware that if you proceed with a transaction lower to the minimum, BlockBee will ignore the transaction and we won't be able to recover the funds.


Num. of addrsMultiplierMin. Value
110.00008 BTC
21.330.0001064 BTC
31.670.0001336 BTC
420.00016 BTC
52.330.0001864 BTC
62.670.0002136 BTC
730.00024 BTC
83.330.0002664 BTC
93.670.0002936 BTC
1040.00032 BTC


Num. of addrsMultiplierMin. Value
110.008500 ETH
21.330.011305 ETH
31.670.014195 ETH
420.017 ETH
52.330.019805 ETH
62.670.022695 ETH
730.0255 ETH
83.330.028305 ETH
93.670.031195 ETH
1040.034 ETH


Num. of addrsMultiplierMin. Value
110.002000 LTC
21.330.00266 LTC
31.670.00334 LTC
420.004 LTC
52.330.00466 LTC
62.670.00534 LTC
730.006 LTC
83.330.00666 LTC
93.670.00734 LTC
1040.008 LTC


Num. of addrsMultiplierMin. Value
113 USDT
21.333.99 USDT
31.675.01 USDT
426 USDT
52.336.99 USDT
62.678.01 USDT
739 USDT
83.339.99 USDT
93.6711.01 USDT
10412 USDT

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